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You have decided to take the first step in paving your way towards stable employment or an opportunity to earn a little more so that you can save up for that vacation that you have always been wanting to go for. SkillsFuture Singapore’s Accredited Training Organisation, Leacov Singapore Pte Ltd,  is conducting this workshop to share with you how you can make a switch to the Security Industry and enjoy a rewarding career or realise your dream of your favourite holiday.

This workshop is tailored especially for Singaporeans and PRs if you are:

  1. Looking for a job
  2. Looking for additional income
  3. Interested in flexible job assignments
  4. Looking to earn quick cash


To get your Security License, you will need to be trained with the Basic Licensing Units (1. Provide Guard and Patrol Services and 2.Handle Security Incidents and Services). You will need to commit a minimum of 7 days just to take these courses full time.  However, it is difficult to commit these hours especially if you are working. And let’s face it, surely the prospect of committing 42 hours of training in a classroom doesn’t sound exciting to you either.

Let us show you how you can overcome this “obstacle” and get your security license!

All you have to do is sign up for our workshop and let Leacov take you through a journey to a better future!


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