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Working Under Pressure: How Security Officers Handle Incidents Well

Working Under Pressure: How Security Officers Handle Incidents Well

Working Under Pressure: How Security Officers Handle Incidents Well

No one wishes for incidents or accidents to happen at their workplace, yet it is critical for trained personnel to be able to handle these events smoothly, safely and swiftly. Not only can this guarantee the safety of those present, but it can also possibly prevent damage to assets and property belonging to the organisation.

That is why security officers are often qualified to handle these situations as they arise. Not just because of their technical expertise and training, security officers often possess vital traits that make them effective in carrying out their duties – and we take a closer look at some of them.

The ability to keep calm under pressure

Everyone can perform their tasks well on a good day but create extreme variables and stressful situations, and even the most confident person might mess up, especially when they are inexperienced.

This is when security officers step in as they are trained to handle incidents and emergencies swiftly and decisively. Having trained in these scenarios that they are drilled to prevent and resolve, security officers will not freeze up or delay in moving towards the right course of action – even when everyone else might be panicking in the midst of danger.

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively

Training can be effective for security officers, but the nature of their job requires them to deal with handling people. Be it placating and calming an aggressor or getting groups of people to evacuate, their knowledge is only useful if they can communicate their thoughts to the necessary recipients.

Being able to communicate concisely and quickly is important in moments of emergencies, while being able to promptly persuade and calm an aggressive individual down can prevent any situation from escalating. A security officer can change the course of both situations and resolve them in the fastest and safest way.

Having a big picture perspective even under stress

Security officers need to be able to see the big picture, even in incidents like fires or even during a potential robbery. They have to consider how to protect lives and minimise damage while addressing the source of the danger itself. This can only happen when security officers are taught to assess the situation and deal with the most critical factors concurrently and in order.

Rather than relying on their emotions or shallow instincts, they are taught to rely on their safety training and mission objectives – save lives and prevent damage. This allows them to be effective in moments of danger and stress.


At the end of the day, security officers are human beings as well, and they have to keep themselves safe, especially in a situation that can jeopardise their well-being. By being trained in the technical knowledge of handling incidents well and knowing how to apply them effectively when things go awry, security officers can not only become great leaders, but also ensure that they can protect their clients while staying out of harm’s way.

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