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Staying on top of the game

Staying on top of the game

Local company invest in training, technology & innovation

Mr Simon Ng’s vision began when he was a security officer in the police force.

The 39-year-old father of two started work in the police force at the age of 18 as an O-Level holder.

He later obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management with Law, a Masters of Arts in Lifelong Learning and more than 30 other certifications and qualifications from the University of London through SIM Global Education, Institute of Adult Learning and other educational institutions.

In 2006, he was deputy to the Head of Training at the police force and spearheaded projects relating to the training of officers for bodyguard duties.

He then left the police force two year later to join the Singapore Workforce Development Agency as a senior manager.

Mr Ng has also been the national service officer in charge of training for police NSMen at Tanglin Police Division since 2009.

He is now the general manager of Leacov Singapore, which specialise in training security personnel.

Established in 2013, the company’s name is a combination of the words “learning” and “discovering”.

What lessons have your learnt from your stints in the police force and security industry?

The lessons include:

  • being job fit (competent for the job);
  • being team fit (able to work as a team member);
  • being industry fit (able to meet industry’s requirements); and
  • whether there is a critical mass in the initiative that you are launching.

What courses does Leacov Singapore provide?

We provide courses like Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) security and service excellence programmes, non-WSQ training programmes such as combat tactics and bodyguard training, business consultancy training courses, training programmes, business management training, security audits and sale of security equipment.

We equip our trainers and students with tablets for training in automated systems and even conduct training sessions at work sites if students cannot go to our premises.

Our company has International Standards Organisation, Occupational Health and Safety Managements Systems BizSafe Star certifications.

We aim to be a one-stop career advisory, training and placement for security personnel who have the right attitude and aspire to progress in their career. We also aim to be a one-stop centre for forward looking security agencies and in-house employers who place value in investing in their employees’ continuous education and training.

How has your company grown and what are your future plans?

We have invested $330,000 in software and hardware development, and $300,000 in moving to a bigger headquarters and staff recruitment.

After three years, I hope to see Leacov Singapore convincing more security agencies to invest in their employees’ continuous education and training.

I would also want to see every security personnel progressing through continuous learning and discovering, and buyers of security services getting value for money by having well-trained security personnel.


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