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Starting a career in security

Starting a career in security

Close to 150 job seekers attended the Leacov Security Career Talk on June 18 at the SPH Auditorium.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet some of the security industry’s leading figures and find out how they can be part of this exciting industry. Whether they are starting out, looking to upgrade themselves or progressing to the next career level, this workshop gave them the opportunity to find out more.

Several success stories were shared in this half-day career talk. Mr Lee Heng Kiang, a formerly retrenched PMEB (professional, manager, executive and businessman), shared how he bounced back from the pain of retrenchment.

Property officer Luke Goh, also a formerly retrenched PMEB, gave a clear overview of The Security Workforce Environment to the participants.

Lastly, Mr Simon Ng, general manager of LEACOV Singapore, wrapped up the talk by sharing his success story and cleared misconceptions of some of the traditional mind-sets about this career.

He said: “Private security services is about taking an intelligent, integrated approach, where you provide frontline, support and management services under one road. That means you need the right people with the right training, who are consistently ahead of the game to fend off the bad guys.”

This event was organised by LEACOV Singapore with The New Paper as the Media Partner

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  • ALEX

    Hi there. As im sri lankan. We dont have work permit to work in sg. Only s pass and E pass. So sri lankan can get approved as security by MOM ? EITHER the supporting document everything fit for security office.

    Plz reply.

    • Desmond Tham

      The Government only take in citizen, PR or Malaysian to be security officers.

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