Course Title: Implement Incident Management Process

Course Reference Number: CRS-Q-0027904-PI

Funding Validity Period: 03 May 2012 – 27 Aug 2019

Mode of Training: Classroom Training available

Course Synopsis

The unit will equip learners with essential knowledge and application skills particularly for learners who manage a facility or building and implement incident management processes in the event of an emergency. This course will prepare learners with the proper structure and approach method and apply them to their workplace such as:

  1. Interpret incident management approach and structure to a certain scope and severity of the emergency.
  2. Utilise incident management areas and processes to implement emergency response strategies
  3. Utilise appropriate communication methods when managing an incident to control all internal and external resources.
  4. Control and maintain incident management process to access information on status of the emergency.

Course Objective

After successfully completing this unit, the learner will be equipped with apt knowledge to understand and interpret method of approach and determine the severity and the extent of the emergency incident. Learners will be trained to implement incident management and response strategies. They will be furnished with knowledge and skills on managing internal and external stakeholders in the event of the emergency and conduct a post-emergency evaluation.

Course information

Training Hours based on SkillsConnect: 8 hrs

Duration: 1 day