Course Title: Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents & Services)

Course Reference Number: CRS-Q-0025033-SE

Course Reference Number for Blended Learning: CRS-Q-0031010-SE

Funding Validity Period:03 May 2012 – 01 Oct 2020

Mode of Training:  Both Classroom and Blended Learning available

Course Synopsis

The unit will equip learners with essential knowledge and application skills in handling security-related incidents effectively and efficiently and apply them to their workplace in various ways such as:

  1. Containing incidents of damage to facilities and equipment.
  2. Handling fire-related incidents.
  3. Handling crime-related incidents.
  4. Handling medical or first-aid related incidents.
  5. Handling bomb or Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat incidents.
  6. Searching, apprehending and arresting suspects.
  7. Giving evidence in court.


Course Objective

After successfully completing this unit, the learner will be equipped with apt industry specific skills and knowledge to be able to perform security duties effectively and professionally. The learners will be trained to handle challenging incidents according to the classification of the occurrence and to address the situation according to organisational standards. This module is also able to provide learners who wish to gain more knowledge in security services and pursue a new career in private security industry in Singapore.


Course Information

Training Hours based on SkillsConnect: 24 hrs

Training Hours based on SkillsConnect: 22 hrs (Blended Learning)

Duration: 4 days