Course Title: Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence (Blended Learning)

Course Reference Number: CRS-Q-0033949-SVCF

Funding Validity Period: 01 Jan 2019 – 10 Apr 2021

Mode of Training: Classroom Training and Blended Learning available

Course Synopsis:

Upon completing this course, learners are expected to be able to:

  1. Develop knowledge of organisation’s product or service offerings and customer profile
  2. Respond to service opportunities to build customers’ confidence in the organisation
  3. Follow up on customer interactions in accordance with the organisation’s guidelines
  4. Build customer rapport with customers to increase customer loyalty and confidence in the organization

Course Objectives:

Customer confidence is established from the good relationship between the customers and the organization / company / establishment. In so doing, the Manager or the Supervisor needs to develop knowledge in the organisation’s products, service offerings and customer profile that will enable him or her to build rapport with customers to align with the organisation’s vision, mission and goals.

Training Hours based on SkillsConnect: 11 hours

Course Training Duration: 2 days

Course Fee:

* Self-sponsored individuals taking certifiable courses (National or industry-wide certification training programmes) approved by SSG must be >= 21 years old