Course Title: Crowd and Traffic Control Management (Conduct Crowd and Traffic Control)

Course Reference Number: CRS-Q-0037516-SEC

Course Reference Number: (Blended Learning): CRS-Q-0038069-SEC

Funding Validity Period: 03 May 2012 – 01 Jul 2020

Funding Validity Period for (Blended Learning): 03 May 2012 – 01 Jul 2020

Mode of Training:  Both Classroom and Blended Learning available

Course Synopsis

This unit is required for performing ad hoc event security duties i.e. F1, Thaipusam, New Year countdown etc. This competency unit will equip learners with useful skills and knowledge in conducting crowd and traffic control and apply these essential capabilities to the workplace in numerous ways such as:

  1. Prepare for crowd and traffic control duties.
  2. Conduct crowd control.
  3. Conduct traffic control.

Course Objective

After successfully completing this unit, the learner will be equipped with apt skills and ability to perform critical security duties such as managing entry of crowd using relevant screening devices and to remain professional and confident when dealing with disorderly behaviours. Learners should be able to identify and prepare suitable equipment for crowd and traffic control duties as well as signage required to perform these duties. The training programme also aims to outfit the learners on appropriate control of vehicles’ entry and exit as well as managing vehicle accidents and other traffic related incidents.

Course information

Training Hours based on SkillsConnect: 18 hrs

Duration: 2 days