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Leacov provides extensive WSQ-certified security courses at both operation and supervisory levels. Our Security WSQ training supports the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for all skilled workers in the security sector.

Security WSQ

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System for Security (Security WSQ) maps out the skills needed for a career in the private security industry. New entrants will need to go through the basic licensing courses to apply for their security license in Singapore while security officers need to go through the progressive wage model (PWM) courses in order to be promoted.

PWM Career Progression Pathway and Training Requirements

New to the industry?
Leacov takes the extra step to provide complementary job-matching service to all our self-sponsored new entrants. Gain access to a wide range of job vacancies (full-time, permanent, part-time, ad-hoc and events jobs) from our extensive network of employers and organisations.

Moving-up your career

There are specific training requirements that tap on the security WSQ under the progressive wage model (PWM)
*available July 2023

Advance your career

There are specific training requirements that tap on the security WSQ under the progressive wage model (PWM)

Training Requirement Under PWM

Security Supervisor (SS) To Senior Security Supervisor (SSS)

How Can Leacov Help You

Leacov has a goal of increasing the employability of security personnel by providing them with extensive and thorough training. By equipping them with better knowledge and skills, we train them to be licensed and qualified security personnel, allowing them to progress quickly within the security industry and eventually obtain their security license in Singapore. Our courses for security training has trained many trusted professionals that has allowed us to gain the trust of many companies and organisations.

So whether you are choosing to specialise in specific security assignments or attempting to build a better career in this industry, apply for security training through our Security WSQ Officer courses in Singapore and we will provide a strong and reliable foundation to open doors for you. Do not be hesitant to contact us or to clarify any doubts, especially if you are curious to find out which courses are required and recommended for your desired career path and progression.

Certificate in Security Operations (3 Core + 3 Electives)

For Security Officers and Senior Security Officers

Core Modules

Vocational Skills

WSQ Course For Security Singapore Handle Security Incidents Services

Incident Response (Handle Security Incidents and Services) - (Security Officer Basic Licensing Unit)

WSQ Security Officer Courses Singapore Provide Guard Patrol Services

Guard & Patrol (Provide Guards & Patrol Services) - (Security Officer Basic Licensing Unit)

WSQ Security Courses Singapore Handle Counter Terrorism Activites

Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats)

Elective Modules

Vocational Skills

WSQ Course For Security Operate Basic Security Equipment

Access Control Management (Operate Basic Security Equipment)

(mandatory unit for SSO under PWM)

WSQ Security Officer Courses Manage Disorderly Conduct

Deterrence (Manage Disorderly Conduct & Threatening Behavior)

(mandatory unit for SSO under PWM)

WSQ Security License Singapore Conduct Crowd Traffic Control

Crowd and Traffic Control Management (Conduct Crowd and Traffic Control)

WSQ Singapore Security License Conduct Security Screening

Security Screening Management (Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag)

WSQ Security License Handle Enquiries Requests

Stakeholder Management (Handle Enquiries and Requests)

Apply For Security License For Protected Areas And Places

Deterrence (Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places)

WSQ Security Officer License Perform Security Operations Within Legal Framework

Security Operation Compliance (Perform Security Operations within Legal Framework)

Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision (4 Core + 3 Electives) - Core modules

for Security Supervisors

Apply For Security License Singapore For Induct Security Personnel

Capability Development (Induct Security Personnel)

(mandatory unit for SS under PWM)

Security Officer License Singapore Perform Supervisory Duties

Security Operation Compliance (Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework)

(mandatory unit for SS under PWM)


While the main role of a security officer is to be the first responder to any threat or incident, they are also tasked with prioritising and protecting the lives of personnel and damages towards any assets belonging to the organisation they work for. They are also trained to deescalate any situation and prevent incidents escalating to higher threat levels.

Incidents can happen at a moment’s notice, and it’s hard for anyone to be constantly on top of it . Being a security officer is a full-time vigil as they are on the frontline and keep a constant watch for any threat . It’s not a role that people can be half-hearted or distracted in. Personnel have gone through training courses and obtained their security license to carry out their duties.

There are 3 core modules that all security officers are required to take which makes up the foundation of their roles as security officers (although there are other elective modules they can take to upgrade their personal skills), which are:

  • Incident Response: Handle Security Incidents & Services (Security Officer Basic Licensing Unit)
  • Guard & Patrol: Provide Guards & Patrol Services (Security Officer Basic Licensing Unit)
  • Threat Observation (Recognise Terrorist Threats)

You have to get your security clearance with the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) before you send in your application to be a security officer, after which you must attend the 3 modules under the Basic Licensing Units (as mentioned above). You then need to apply to get your Security ID card (which is your security license) before you can be a full-fledged security officer in Singapore.

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