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Security Measures for Arson Prevention

Course Title: Security Measures for Arson Prevention

Mode of Training:  Classroom

Course Synopsis:

Through this unit, learners will be equipped with essential security knowledge and skills to prevent the threat of arson, such as:

  1. Understanding the Fire Safety Act, and current regulations governing various buildings and sites
  2. Understanding fire emergency procedures
  3. Formulating emergency response plans
  4. Conducting arson risk assessments and identifying critical locations and fire hazards
  5. Evaluating adequacy of security measures
  6. Formulating an arson prevention plan based on past security incidents
  7. Practising skills learnt through scenario-based exercises

Course Objective

Security personnel who are appointed as Fire Safety Managers are required to institute and maintain security precautions against potential fire emergencies and threats, such as arson, as part of their duties. They are required to ensure their security measures are updated in line with the latest regulations set out by the Fire Safety Act.

After completion of this unit, learners will understand the fire safety requirements for their deployment sites, identify places at risk of arson, and manage and prevent the security risk through the formulation and implementation of an arson prevention plan.

Course Information

Training Hours: 5 hrs inclusive of 1 hr Assessment

Test only