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How Security Officers Help Resolve Traffic Management Challenges

How Security Officers Help Resolve Traffic Management Challenges

How Security Officers Help Resolve Traffic Management Challenges

Security officers wear many hats, especially during Covid, where they are also frontline workers ensuring not just our safety but our health as well. For the most part, they are employed privately and entrusted to protect private property and ensure the safety of personnel on the ground. But they may also be hired by worksite managers or event planners who rely on them to keep a sense of order in places or events where crowds gather.

While there isn’t much stress on our roadways due to the highly developed and efficient traffic system, there are still certain times when security officers trained in traffic management skills are required. From special events like the F1 Grand Prix to concerts, festivals or even when traffic equipment breaks down – there are many instances in which a trained security worker can step in to manage the situation. Whilst not always used on a day-to-day basis, it pays well for a security officer to be prepared in advance, carrying out his role no matter the time or situation. So what can one expect from a security officer as they resolve traffic challenges at their workplace?

They enforce traffic laws and regulations

While everything should go smoothly with the installed traffic equipment, things can go wrong when an accident has occurred or if the equipment has gone faulty. In that case, people look to an authoritative figure to direct the overall traffic situation, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic once again. While a temporary solution till the equipment is fixed or till the damaged vehicles are towed away, it is essential to have someone who has great public management skills and is able to have a keen eye to manage and direct traffic to ensure that everyone stays appeased in a highly stressful situation.

They guide traffic management plans during special events

During large special events, security officers direct the passage of pedestrians and vehicles around the designed routes and premises. They follow the special event’s traffic management plan, which involves granting access permissions, imposing route restrictions, and assigning parking locations. There may be extra routes planned for VIPs or other essential personnel, and knowing how to quickly identify and direct them away from the general crowd can minimise disruption to traffic.

They mitigate the risk of traffic congestion

Traffic congestion can grind everything to a frustrating halt. Security officers trained in traffic management, such as using hand signals to direct traffic flow and erecting physical barriers to direct cars away from congested roads, often have a good big picture idea of how traffic will flow. They also utilise road safety barriers to separate pedestrian crossings from roadways or prevent heavy and small vehicles from entering the same lane.


Did you know that under the 2019 edition LTA Code of Practice Traffic Control at Work-zone requirements, only trained and competent workers are allowed to direct and divert traffic in Singapore? Security officers should also be qualified to handle challenges when they arise. While not something you see every day, it helps to have someone trained in traffic management should things go awry. Any bumps and disruptions can often lead traffic to come to a grinding halt, causing much frustration and inconvenience for everyone involved.

Thus, if you want to be trained or want to send your security officers for traffic management or other incident handling courses in Singapore, consider us at Leacov. We provide clear and concise training to adequality equip all our course participants in handling different situations at work swiftly and safely.

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