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Important Announcement – 04/04/2020

Important Announcement – 04/04/2020


To our Students, Displaced Job Seekers and Security Agency Employers,

1. Our Government will be implementing an elevated set of safe distancing measures to reduce the risk of increasing local transmission of Covid-19 from 7th April to 1st June 2020.

2. Essential services such as the provision of security personnel to protect the safety & security of people & property can continue to operate within a designated premise.

3. Training services does not fall under the essential services, yet, is considered as supporting the essential services.

4. The Covid-19 threat is real. To do our part and contribute to this major circuit breaker, we seriously considered the temporary stoppage of our training services between 7th April to 1st June 2020.

5. As the temporary stoppage decision will affect the livelihood of many displaced job seekers and employers with a huge manpower shortage, we are not taking this lightly.

6. In consultation with security agency employers, our students and displaced job seekers, we have decided to continue our training services provision with a series of enhanced set of safety and compliance processes in place:
a. Classes will be conducted fully online.
b. We are awaiting Polwel to confirm if they can too conduct assessment online or have to be at a physical premise.
c. We have beefed up an internal emergency response team to 20 talent strong to serve as customer service officer. They are working over the weekend to get in             touch with each and every student who has classes in April. Students will be advised on how to transit their learning to fully online. After getting the guidance,           you may decide on either:
i. To postpone till a later date; or
ii. To continue – How to continue and what to do.
d. All our customer service officers will be serving you remotely. Please do not visit our Training Centre for enquiry or registration during this period. You can call or whatsapp us at 98203430 or 87833068.
e. Booking of courses can be done online. For those that need assistance, we are prepared to wait till assessment day to collect payment and complete the registration.
f. We will be opening more online classes. Contact us to get the dates, subjected to Polwel assessment confirmation.

7. We assure you we take every decision seriously and decisions are not made internally but in consultation with employers, displaced job seekers and our students.

8. Let us have faith in our Government. Together we can overcome! #SGUnited

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  • Nurhidayah abdullah

    My I know how do I take the classes

    • Desmond Tham

      you can call or whatsapp us at 98203430. we will discuss with you the next step and available dates.

  • Ahmad Jantan

    How can take training through e learning.
    Can used my skillfuture fund to pay for the course

    • Desmond Tham

      Hi, can message us your contact number to 98203430? we can call and explain to you.

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