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3 Qualities & Skills To Look For In A Security Officer

3 Qualities & Skills To Look For In A Security Officer

3 Qualities & Skills To Look For In A Security Officer

Security has remained a continual issue for businesses from almost everywhere in the world. Thankfully, while Singapore remains relatively safe when compared to many countries, we need to prepare ourselves for contingency plans for incidents that can affect our business negatively. While most businesses might only consider shoplifting, specific companies might have to deal with drunk patrons, prepare contingencies for various incidents and create countermeasures for armed robbery.

It is without saying that security officers have to be at the top of their game, considering the fact that they are the frontline of defence when it comes to safeguarding a business’s personnel and assets. So, if you are a business hoping to hire effective security officers or someone in the industry looking to move to the next level, here is a checklist of skills and essential qualities you should look out for.

1. Being observant and alert at all times

Security officers familiarise themselves with the day-to-day running of an organisation’s events and affairs. This not only gives them a keen understanding of a business’ security strengths and flaws it also allows them to notice when things are going awry. With the security of the business on the line, even going as far as to include the welfare and safety of the people around, it can be said that security officers have a critical role to perform.

That is why security officers can often be the first ones to notice when something has gone wrong. On-the-ground security officers are trained to see both the small and big picture, noticing when a suspicious person is present or if anything wrong is about to happen. Oftentimes, early response to incidents can allow for preventive steps to be carried out to prevent a serious accident from occurring.

2. Have great communication skills

While there are tips for security officers to improve customer interaction, it goes way further than just dealing with positive interactions. Security officers need to take their communication skills a level higher and learn how to manage conflict and that applies to a whole host of situations.

In the event of a shoplifter or a hostile individual threatening the safety of personnel on their premises, their main role isn’t to fight or apprehend conflicts but to deescalate a hostile situation, resolving it in a manner that prioritises the safety of people on the ground.

They would also need to know how to communicate swiftly and effectively during an emergency, quickly getting people to follow instructions for an evacuation to minimise the danger posed to their lives. People often panic when an emergency is underway, and a security officer that can convey clear and firm instructions can be the difference in saving the lives of those present.

3. Maintaining a calm and level head in all situations

Whether it be dealing with an incident, emergency or even an evacuation, security officers have to remain calm. Their main role isn’t to be aggressive, but instead act to deescalate any situations. This remains the same when apprehending an aggressive intruder or calming a panicking crowd in the midst of an evacuation.

Not only do they have to do their job well under stress, the added role of managing another person or group of people can often stump most people. Afterall, how can you calm someone down if you aren’t calm yourself? And that is why trained and experienced officers know how to portray their confidence even in the most dire of circumstances to allow people to place their confidence in their training and expertise, even in the midst of an evacuation.


Apart from the professional license, security officers would do well to have the various skills and attributes listed above. They must also have a deep understanding of the business to know when things are going awry. A lot of things ride on their shoulders to maintain peace and security, and security officers take pride in what they do, knowing that they make a big difference wherever they are employed at.

If you want to follow the path to your career in the security industry, taking an incident handling course in Singapore gives you one step to becoming a security officer. Check out the compulsory and elect courses available at Leacov to see what you can do to grow as a professional at your workplace today.

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