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3 Important Things Security Officers Protect In Their Line Of Duty

3 Important Things Security Officers Protect In Their Line Of Duty

3 Important Things Security Officers Protect In Their Line Of Duty

Security officers play a vital role in our community. In fact, security officers are extremely essential as they offer the first line of defence in the community by deterring criminals from committing criminal activities. Without the assistance of our security officers, law enforcement would be overwhelmed in dealing with cases that could have been prevented.

Another function of being a security officer is enforcing safety precautions. Regardless of the work setting or the specific job description, all security officers are required to maintain order and ensure that nothing is compromised, and no one gets hurt in order to uphold public safety in the community. As such, security officers do not only serve their clients, but the public as well. That being said, these are the three main elements that security officers have to protect as part of their responsibilities.

1. People

As mentioned above, security officers have to first and foremost protect people from harm and fend off any potential criminals from making a threat to their clients. These threats can come in the form of hostile activities that can put their employees and the public at risk, such as violence, forced unauthorised entry, shoplifting, and abusive customers, to name a few. If a crime or disturbance does occur, security officers are tasked with diffusing the situation and contacting the relevant authorities.

Accidents in the workplace can also place people at direct harm and lead to severe consequences for the business or organisation, like loss of reputation among the public, closure, and reduction of sales. For example, a fire incident remains one of the most common and hazardous safety threats in the workplace. In the case of fire, security officers ensure that people are brought to safety by guiding them out of the premises and carrying out a proper evacuation plan. Other workplace accidents that security officers can attend to include work-related injuries, transportation incidents, and workplace violence.

2. Business Assets

Most of the time, security officers patrol the premises and check to see that nothing is out of place. The reason they are doing this is to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and monitor critical assets of the business or organisation. Items considered business assets can be money, high-value items like electronics, industrial equipment, and inventory. As long as the item has economic value and helps the business generate revenue and be productive, they should be guarded as they can be vulnerable to threat actors.

Theft from the public or employees, asset fraud, and damage from environmental conditions like fire and flood can all potentially occur, so it is necessary for businesses to protect their assets in order to continue operating smoothly. This is where security officers come in by reducing the risks surrounding these assets and preventing crime that can also expose people to harm, such as robbery and hostage.

3. Infrastructure

Put yourself in the shoes of the public, a client or an investor. If you notice the business’ property or building structure to look damaged, you will be most unlikely to engage with the company as they can seem unprofessional. In the event of vandalism or intentional physical damage to the property, this negative impression can befall the business, resulting in a tarnished business image, loss of sales, and other consequences that impact the business’ well-being. Therefore, security officers can prevent such threats to the business’ infrastructure by conducting security checks on personnel, restraining any trespassers, and inspecting the premises on a regular basis.


Even though security officers help maintain peace and order in the community, they do not get the respect they deserve and remain largely underappreciated. This attitude should be changed as their duties and responsibilities sometimes require them to put their lives on the line. Due to their contributions and selfless courage, both people and businesses can have peace of mind to get through the day with ease.

If you feel that you are ready to take on such an important role and have a stable career in the security industry, look no further as Leacov has the necessary resources to equip you with relevant skills and expertise to shine in your role as a security officer. With our range of courses available, you can expect to learn on handling security incidents and go through security incident response training, among other lessons.

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